Age as of

August 31st 2023

Eligible to play grade

3. Age exception.  A player is eligible to play down a grade if he/she is age eligible based on the chart below. 

Player protest can only be made by the coach or team manager of the team involved.  Player protest regarding age exception, maximum age, or multiple team participation must be addressed either prior to the beginning of the game or within 20 minutes of the conclusion of the game.  In order to protest, the coach or team manager protesting must provide player documentation of their own players in order to move forward with the protest.  In addition, there will be a $50 cash protest fee for each player in question.  The protest fee is only refundable if the matter goes in favor of the protesting party.  If the protest is no upheld, the protest fee will be forfeited.

Player Eligibility/Protest

Player Eligibility

2. All OFY Events are organized by grade divisions.  A player is eligible to participate in the grade division for his/her grade for the

2023-24 school year.  A team must participate in the division which corresponds with the highest grade of any player on the team. 

​Player Protest (Both school grade document and birth certificate are required regarding player protest.)

​1. Divisions of Play (All grade divisions below will be offered to both boys and girls teams) 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th-10th, 10th-12th.  (Blue) and (Red) divisions will be organized if enough teams have registered to participate in one specific division.  Blue and Red divisions will be coordinated based on the

Above average/Average/Below Average registrations. 

4. Maximum Age.  Even if grade eligible, no player may play in a division where the player is more than one year older for the   

corresponding age for the grade division participating.  example: A 12 year old 4th grader is not eligible to play to play in the

4th grade division. 


5. Mulitple team participation.  A player may only play on one team within the same grade division.  A player may play on another team if    

eligible for that specific grade division and the team participating on is within the same club/select organization.