OFY Tournaments was formed in 2011 to provide additional quality basketball events options for select clubs and teams. The emphasis of these events is to provide a healthy competitive environment that meets the needs of all levels of teams. OFY Tournaments are held in the best venues in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. OFY events are run and operated by the Texas Express Basketball Club. OFY tournaments also partner with other like minded clubs to assist with fundraising.


Meet the OFY Staff Members

Kenny Yates

Tournament Organizer

He is currently the president/director of operations for the Texas Express Basketball Club.  Coach Yates has 30 years of experience organizing and running high school and select tournaments. 

​​​Tournament Director

Tom Medford

Tom is a current educator and coach of 20 years and has been working with OFY tournaments as one of main site directors since it's inception.  His interpersonal skills and ability to manage and run tournaments has brought great value to our offerings. He is always willingness to listen and provide a personalized service to all those involved. 

Officials Assigner

Ron Majors

Ron has been organizing and officiating youth basketball events for over twenty years.  His interpersonal skills as well as his willingness to be flexible and listen to concerns has brought an added touch that most providers cannot match. 

Tournament Organizer

Kenny Yates

Coach Yates has been organizing and running tournaments for the past thirty years.  His background in running both school ball and select tournaments gives each tournament a personalized touch.  He works to assure that every team is provided the opportunity to participate on the appropriate level while working diligently to meet multiple team and individual team request.