National Federation High School rules will be in play with the following exceptions.

  1. A 5 minute guaranteed warm-up time will be given between games.​
  2. Players are allowed 6 fouls.
  3. The tournament directors have the right to forfeit a game if a team does not have its starting 5 ready to play at the scheduled tip-off time or after the guaranteed warm-up time.​
  4. Each team has 2 full timeouts and two 30 second timeouts per game.
  5. Free Substitution
  6. There will be a 3-minute halftime.
  7. Division for 6th grade and below will use a 28.5 ball and 7th grade and above will use a regulation 29.5 ball.
  8. As long as a team remains twenty (20) or more points ahead of its opponent during the last 5 minutes of the game, the clock will run except for time-outs, technical fouls, and injuries. As long as a team remains thirty (30) or more points ahead of its opponent during the last 10 minutes of the game, the clock will run except for time-outs, technical fouls, and injuries.  No full court press allowed  after the lead reaches 25 points.
  9. There will be one 3 minutes overtime period and each team will receive 1 additional timeout. After the 1 overtime period, if the game is still tied, there will be a sudden death, the first team to score wins. During sudden death, all foul shots are one shot only.
  10. Tie-breaking procedures for pool play or to award trophies are as follows: 1st criteria is head to head competition between teams involved in the tie. If head to head cannot break the tie, then point differential between the teams that are tied is used for all pool games. A margin of  up to 15 points max per game between the teams involved in the tie will determine winner or seeding. If point differential does not  break the tie, then total points allowed from all games within the pool will be used to determine winner or seed.
  11. Free-throws Bonus- 1 and 1 will be awarded on the 8th foul. 2 shots will be awarded on the tenth foul. 
  12. Game Length Schedule

Grades 3-4 (12 minute halves)
Grades 5-6 (14 minute halves)
Grades 7-8 and High School Division (15 minute halves)

PLEASE NOTE: For scoreboard purposes the team in light colored jerseys will be the home team and will sit to the right of the scorer’s table (when facing the court). On the game schedule, the team listed first or on top is home team and will wear light colored jerseys. In bracket play, the top team is home and will light colored jerseys. Each team is responsible for their own jerseys...bring 2 different colored jerseys or reversible 2-colored jerseys with you to each game. Each team must provide their own warm-up balls. The home team provides the game ball and the home team will be the official scorer. The visiting team will provide the clock keeper.

Game Rules